A Workbook for the Empty Nester Who Wants Clarity on Their Purpose!

Master 5 simple areas for Clarity, Joy & Engagement in Life

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So the kids have Grown & Flown! What's next. Well, walking around, trying to fill your day with meaningless activities can't be all that there is. Right?

Since your purpose has shifted from taking care of the kids' needs, there is a void in your life.

What is next?

You are not alone!

My workbook is designed to give you step by step instructions on a proven system that has helped so many people get clear on what they want, who they are and how to get it.

There are 5 habits that need to be mastered in order to find your purpose going forward.

The 5 areas are:

  • Clarity - Getting clear on future Goals, focus on what matters and have a plan on how to get there so that you can move toward what you really want in life.
  • Energy-How to generate more energy and fight off fatigue, reduce stress and have more mental stamina so that you are able to get more done.
  • Courage-How to create more courage & confidence to address what you are avoiding so that you can take bold action in your life.
  • Productivity-How to be more productive, manage projects and create overall efficiency in your life so that you feel so organized and high performing.
  • Influential-Learn how to a more positive influence with the people in your life so that you can step up and be the leader you were meant to be.